Dimitri De Franciscis

Hi, my name is Dimitri De Franciscis

I'm a freelance Full Stack Developer, Digital Creative, Lifelong Learner.

Articles tagged with "java"

Secure, Flexible and Scalable Build Configuration with Maven

Many of the projects I'm involved in use Maven as build system due to its reliability, widespread use, and flexibility. However, I often find myself hurdling around bad choices with regard to the build process. In this article I'd like to illustrate some of the most useful techniques to implement …

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Tue 24 October 2017

Deploy React Applications in a Servlet Environment

Modern web applications using React and other frameworks are often distributed as static websites. It is undoubtely the simplest, cache-friendly and dead-cheap solution. However, some enterprisey projects (think about data-entry and legacy business applications) need to be deployed in a constrained environment like a Java JEE Servlet Engine (Tomcat, Jetty …

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Tue 19 September 2017

Intellij Live Templates for Javascript Development

I'm a IntelliJ IDEA user since late 2013. After a long (and not without problems) liaison with Eclipse IDE, and before that with the glorious Borland JBuilder, I wanted to try something new. Not that Eclipse was bad per se, it was just getting heavier and buggier release after release, and the plugin ecosystem wasn't anymore something you could rely on. I remember also giving NetBeans a last chance: NO WAY. So I thought "What's all this fuss around JetBrain IntelliJ IDEA?"

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Tue 27 December 2016

BigDecimal and rounding modes

After seeing the great success of introductory article on BigDecimal class I wanted to go on with some examples on one of the most complex operations: division. The problem... Is always the same: size 🤦‍♀️ BigDecimal, as already seen, can have an arbitrary number of decimal digits: this does not mean …

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Tue 04 August 2009


java.math.BigDecimal class represents “Immutable, arbitrary-precision signed decimal numbers” (with some limits), and has methods to operate on those numbers. Its use although is not so immediate and it is easy to do errors. In this article I'll try to put some light on this topic, in the hope …

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Tue 03 February 2009

BigDecimal e metodi di arrotondamento

Visto il grande successo dell'articolo introduttivo sulla classe BigDecimal ho deciso di proseguire la serie con qualche esempio su una delle operazioni più complesse: la divisione. Il problema... ...è il solito: le dimensioni :) BigDecimal, abbiamo detto, può avere un numero arbitrario di cifre decimali: arbitrario si, ma non infinito …

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Fri 14 November 2008

Bigdecimal (Ita)

La classe BigDecimal consente di utilizzare numeri a precisione decimale "arbitraria" (vedremo poi i limiti di questa definizione) e di eseguire calcoli aritmetici su di essi. Il suo utilizzo tuttavia non è immediato ed è facile commettere errori. In questo articolo si cercherà di fare un po' di chiarezza sull'argomento …

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Fri 14 November 2008