Dimitri De Franciscis

Hi, my name is Dimitri De Franciscis

I'm a freelance Full Stack Developer, Digital Creative, Lifelong Learner.

Articles in Productivity:

Export Tasks from Nirvana to Zenkit - Part 2

In the first part of this series I showed you how to export data from from Nirvana, process it, then import as "raw" CSV files into Zenkit. In this second part we will see how to use advanced Zenkit features such as field conversion and views.

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Mon 30 July 2018

Export Tasks from Nirvana to Zenkit - Part 1

I am quite a fan of GTD - Getting Things Done® methodology, and productivity tools in general. Over the last few years I've tried different workflows, applications, even Bullet Journal to stay organized and do things. In this article I will show you how to move your tasks and projects from Nirvana to Zenkit.

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Mon 23 July 2018

Keep A Markdown Journal To Get Your Projects Done

Software development is hard. Organizations, small and large, can be very inefficient sometimes: people waste their energy on endless meetings, vague specification documents, pointless "reply-to-all" emails. Working as a freelancer in such environments is perhaps even worse, as you're supposed to be the hyper-efficient 10x developer unicorn that can make …

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Sun 01 January 2017

Gestione del tempo: la tecnica del... pomodoro

Oggi voglio parlarvi di una tecnica di gestione del tempo che reputo semplice, efficace, adattabile allo stile lavorativo di molte persone. Il suo nome, la Tecnica del Pomodoro (Pomodoro Technique®), sembra uno scherzo ma è solo un modo simpatico per spiegare come è nata e il suo funzionamento. In cosa …

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Tue 14 February 2012