Keep A Markdown Journal To Get Your Projects Done

Software development is hard. Organizations, small and large, can be very inefficient sometimes: people waste their energy on endless meetings, vague specification documents, pointless “reply-to-all” emails. Working as a freelancer in such environments is perhaps even worse, as you’re supposed to be the hyper-efficient 10x developer unicorn that can make any problem magically disappear. In this article we will see how, with a couple of simple tools, we can reduce noise, improve efficiency and guarantee better accountability.

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A reliable and efficient workflow for digital photography

Introduction Taking photos is wonderful. Taking MANY photos even more. Not knowing where they disappeared or, god forbid, losing them defintively, is awful. In this article I want to describe my own workflow for digital photography. Don’t expect to find the perfect guide to digital assets management, because it simply doesn’t exist. I’ve just found that this method works for me and, with a little luck, could work for you, too.

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