Secure, Flexible and Scalable Build Configuration with Maven

Many of the projects I’m involved in use Maven as build system due to its reliability, widespread use, and flexibility. However, I often find myself hurdling around bad choices with regard to the build process. In this article I’d like to illustrate some of the most useful techniques to implement flexible, adaptable, and secure builds with Maven. Download the example project from GitHub Key requirements of an enterprise build Enterprise projects have demanding requirements when it comes to configuration and build management.

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New Website - With Hugo!

I have to admit: I really enjoy creating websites, but I’m awfully lazy when I have to work on my own! Over the years I’ve tried different languages and tools. In the early days I used to manually edit all the HTML pages by hand, which I regretted immediately. So I started writing my own shell scripts, Java programs, XML formats and whatever. My first open source project ever was devoted to this: Web site Generator.

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