Some years ago I started to learn Processing, a Java-like environment for creative coding. Later on, I discovered p5.js, a JavaScript library that started - I guess - as a porting of Processing to JavaScript, but now it's an indipendent project on its own.

I have been using it to create some interactive graphics and animations, but also to study equations of motion in Physics, Chaos, even to develop installations and games, and I have been enjoying it a lot.


When studying the library, I found myself copying and pasting a lot of boilerplate code, so I decided to build a collection of sketches that I could use as a catalogue of my experiments. Something similar to OpenProcessing, but with my own sketches on a local installation.

I quickly realized that it could also be useful as a learning resource for others, so I published everything online:


At the moment sketches are divided in four (4) main categories:
Chaos, Creative, Games and Physics

Screenshots, or it didn't happen


Logistic Map
Mandelbrot Set
Mandelbrot Set Explorer


Maze generator
Alien Brush
City Night Flight

Check out all the sketches and let me know what do you think about them!