My name is Dimitri De Franciscis, I am a freelance full stack developer with more than 15 years of experience so far.

I work on digital projects for SMEs, startups and global clients, remotely or on-site. I build applications that range from web sites to backend services, applying industry best practices with focus on quality and maintainability.

I deal with the full stack, from system architecture to back- and front-end work.

Although I have many interests and deep expertise in some areas, I am not the “mythical person who can do everything, from writing assembly code to sweet-talking the banks”.

I work with passion, dedication and creativity. Below are some of the services I can provide to your team:

  • Backend programming using Java and/or NodeJS platforms
  • Frontend (Web) programming using a whole bunch of technologies, from old-fashioned HTML/CSS + jQuery to modern AngularJS and React frameworks (or whatever will come out next week)
  • Cloud ComputingDevOps and Container Technology
  • Content Strategy: blogging, articles, documentation

You can download my CV (with photo) here

If for some reason you require a resume without photo, you can download it here.


I am also a musician: I play guitar, bass and electronic instruments. I enjoy writing music and playing rock, blues and jazz in local bands.

I like photography, painting, skateboarding, Rubik’s Cube, and cats. Have I forgot anything?